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Upcoming Performances

Saturday September 16th - Blossman's Open House
Students MEET: 10:30AM at the studio.
Performance time: 11:00AM
Location: Appalachian Performing Arts/Blossman
This casual Performance is open to ALL Clogging students and ALL Little Dancers.
Little Dancers: Girls, please wear leotard and tights, and ballet shoes.  Hair secured back.  Tutus/skirts welcomed.  Boys, please wear your normal dance/classwear and shoes.
Clogging students, please wear your studio shirt, recital shirt, or black shirt.  Full length jeans or black leggings.  Hair secured back.  Bring your clogging shoes.

Saturday, September 30th - Old Timey Festival
Students MEET:  11:15AM Behind the stage in the Burnsville Town Square
Performance time: 12:15-12:35PM
Location: Burnsville Town Square
This Performance includes ALL Clogging students(Kinderdance, and levels one, two, and three).
Please wear your recital shirt, studio shirt, or a black shirt. Clogging shoes.  Hair secured back.
Girls, please meet with your instructor to borrow a skirt and hair tie from the studio.

Saturday, October 14th - Black Mountain Home for Children's Annual Fall Festival
Students MEET:
Performance time:
This performance is a great opportunity!
This performance includes ALL Little Dancers, ALL Clogging Students, Ballet Two, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop.


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