- Even if you were registered for a previous season, you must re register to join classes for this season.
- This schedule is different than last season's schedule!
- There are some changes with tuition this season.  Please review the tuition chart.
- Feel free to share our schedule!  
- Our age cut-off date is Nov. 1st.  Whatever age group you/your child fall into by Nov. 1st is the age group your child is eligible to attend. This applies for 2 and you, Little Dancers, and Kinderdance.  
- Our classes have limited space.  If you register for a class that is already filled, you will be notified.
- Registration for this season will close in December.  By December, whatever class(es) your child is attending is what he/she will be welcomed to perform with during recital.  No "switching classes" after this date.
-If you are unsure if your Level One child will be moving up, please consult with your child's instructor. Level one students are moved up to level two and three classes by instructors' discretion.
-If you are unsure if you/your child should register for level one or two classes, please contact us.  We're happy to help.

-If you have questions about sibling discounts, multi class discounts, please contact us.
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, or if you are unsure about anything regarding classes, scheduling, or tuition, please contact us
BEFORE registering.  Thank you! madisonclogs@gmail.com
- REGISTRATION is at the bottom of this page :)  please fill out everything!

********AFTER YOU SUBMIT your registration form to us, we will get back to you with a confirmation email that includes tons of info(address, dress code, recital save the date, class info, etc.)  This may take a few days.   Please keep an eye out for it.



The biggest changes taking place with our classes and schedule this season is with our Kinderdance level classes.  Instead of  offering one 45-minute combination ballet/tap class, we have added four 30 minute Kinderdance level classes.  We highly recommend Kinderdance students pick one technique based class(ballet or jazz) and one footwork based class(clogging or tap).   This helps build a wonderful foundation for our young dancers to build on in the future. Of course, Kinderdance students are welcome to attend as many or as few classes as desired, but we highly recommend picking two.
These classes are back to back on Monday evenings, and include:
Kinderdance Tap, Kinderdance Ballet, Kinderdance Jazz, and Clogging One(Clogging one is open for kinderdancers to join but may include students of other ages).
Please contact us with any questions you may have before registering.


If you are interested in attending private lessons during our upcoming season, please notify us.  The selection process and registration process for private sessions is different from registration for classes. We highly recommend private dance lessons for students who advance above their age level, who are interested in doing duets or solos, or who have busier schedules and aren't able to keep regular attendance in a class.  Those who attend private lessons on a regular basis, and who have a clean, polished solo by the end of the season may be selected to perform a solo in recital.

**We can no longer allow private session students to perform with a class they do not attend.  Private session students will be taught their own choreography for their own dance.

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Student Registration for 2022-2023 Dance Season

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