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Moore Auditorium, Mars Hill University

Early tickets available at the studio!

                                                                                      is a heritage based performing arts studio based in Burnsville, North Carolina, established in March of 2019.  The Mountain Dance Preservation Project, established in 2018, laid the groundwork for Appalachian Performing Arts through educational workshops, performances, and after-school dance programs.  We now are a small studio in the heart of Yancey Country, North Carolina, where students of all ages learn to dance, perform, build confidence, and share their knowledge of performing arts with the world around them.
Appalachian Performing Arts is proud to participate in several festivals and local performances througho
ut every year, including(but not limited to) the Burnsville Christmas Parade, The Mt Mitchell Crafts Fair, and of course, our Annual Spring Recital, taking place in May.
As Appalachian Performing Arts grows, we are excited to welcome new members into our stu
dio-family and seek new opportunities to share our love of dance and mountain tradition. 


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