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"Art In Motion"

Appalachian Performing Arts Presents

Recital 2023
Saturday, May 27th @ 6PM
Moore Auditorium Mars Hill University 

Take a look behind the scenes....

Welcome to recital 2023!

Modern One - Little Dancer of 14 Years

New Recording 4 (1)
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mona lisa  ...webp

Kinderdance Ballet - Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a well known portrait with depth and mystery.
She is famous across the world!
For centuries, criticts have shared many opinions about her smile.
For a period of time, the original Mona Lisa went missing!  She was recovered in Florence, Italy.
Mona Lisa is well known and loved by many.

kinderballet ..jpg

Ladder to the Moon - Clogging One

ladder to the moon.jpeg

Ladder to the Moon is an abstract painting by Georgia O'Keeffe in 1958. It was an interpretation of items found on the roof of her own house.  Ladder to the Moon inspires us to be imaginative, creative, and to keep looking up!


Our 2023 Little Dancers Segment is inspired by Bob Ross.    Bob Ross inspires us to see beauty everywhere and celebrate the beautiful world around us!  Enjoy performances by our happy little trees, skies, sunshines, and rivers as we complete a Bob Ross painting of dance together during our performance!

Clogging Two

clog two.jpg
picasso art.jpg

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” - Picasso

Ballet Two

Under the Wave of Kanagawa

great wave.jpg
clog three.jpg

Clogging Three

Andy Warhol

Blue Marilyn.webp
andy warhol elvis.webp
soup andy warhol.jpg
cafe at night.jpg

Cafe at Night - Callie Whitson's Solo


Lilac Irises - Monet     Ballet One

ilac Irises is a painting by Claude Monet. Monet is known as the founder of Impressionist paintings. Irises were amongst Monet’s favorite flowers in his garden.

The Church at Auvers



Ophelia - Jazz One  -  This dance was inspired by a series of paintings by John William Waterhouse. From the year 1889 to 1910, Waterhouse created 3 paintings of “Ophelia”, the heroine from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”


Tap Two -In 1942, Edward Hopper completed what would be known as his most famous piece, Nighthawks. This painting represents to solitude of big city life.


Dancers in Pink - Edgar Degas 
Melia Kangers-Jenkins solo


A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Kinderdance Tap


American Gothic
All Cloggers


American Gothic
All Cloggers


Pointe / Pre Pointe

Lost in Motion 

Kitty Meijering


Starry Night 

"There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people"

Modern Two

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